Stump removal

When a tree is cut down, a stump is left behind. This stump is useless, unless it is big enough to be transformed, with a some imaginations, into a beautiful addition to your landscape design. But in most cases it disfigure your garden and you cant use the space around the stump for planting because of the roots, penetrating deep into the soil. If you are tired of inventing new ways to hide the stumps, remember that Big Tree Specialists‘ stump removal service in Sacramento CA is one phone call away.

A close up of stump grinding machineStump removal is hard but not an impossible task when using the help of Big Tree Specialists. There is a number of purported solutions to removing unsightly stumps from your landscape, but very few actually work. We, at Big Tree Specialists use only the best methods, both proven and effective. We use only top of the line machinery, our workers are well equipped and trained to handle each and every job properly and successfully. At our company, our goal is simple – to deliver 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

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