Just Bought a House with Birch Trees in the Garden

How a Tree Service Cares for Birch Trees

A birch tree is an excellent addition to any garden; however, it does require a lot of work. Birches are delicate and need special care, preferably from a professional tree service, in order to thrive within a garden. For people that are considering planting a birch tree, some consideration needs to go into the selection and planting steps, while gardeners already having birch trees can take measures to maintain their health. In either case, their lifespan is approximately 40 to 50 years, which is something to bear in mind.

There are several different types of birch trees which will grow within different environments. When planting one, a gardener needs to find out whether or not their location is appropriate to plant birches and to pick a tree that does well within the natural environment. Looking for a thriving birch tree and planting the same kind is usually the best way to get a healthy one.

Birch trees prefer their lower trunks and roots to be in the shade and their crowns basking in the sun. This makes location very important as the tree requires a spot which gets shade in the afternoon, however, not too much. It is also vital to have loose, well drained, and damp soil; this is due to the fact birches come with shallow root systems, which can be compromised with compact and heavy soil. The soil could have to be changed using mulch, compost, and sand to ensure it is more suitable for birch trees.

Once the tree is planted, it must be mulched regularly, this serves to protect its shallow roots. Gardeners or your tree service can periodically use mycorrhizal fungi and compost to ensure the soil is kept rich to promote growth. It is also an excellent idea to have soil testing done to check for any missing nutrients. Iron deficiency is always a problem with birch trees, however, it can be sorted out using chelated iron tablets.

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